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Moffatt & Nichol + West 8 + LSU-CSS

supported by Deltares, Ioannis Georgiou, Headland & Associates & RAND

Moffatt & Nichol, one of the premiere coastal engineering firms in the world, has built a diverse team eminently suited to develop an innovative approach to map out the bold decisions and framework necessary for a sustained and prosperous future for the Mississippi River. M&N’s work is dedicated to the complex, interdisciplinary issues surrounding the area “where land meets water,” and the firm enjoys a strong reputation throughout Louisiana and the world for planning, designing and successfully executing large-scale coastal engineering and ecosystem restoration projects. Their highly focused team members include: West 8, an award-winning international design and landscape architecture firm composed of multi-disciplinary practitioners of large-scale master planning and design and landscape interventions; Louisiana State University Coastal Sustainability Studio, a leading voice bridging the efforts of scientists, engineers, architects and landscape architects working to envision a better future for coastal Louisiana; Deltares, a leading research institute for water and coastal issues known for applying proven expertise to make sound and independent assessments of the physical condition of deltas, coastal areas and river basins; as well as the RAND Corporation, Ioannis Georgiou, PhD, and Headland and Associates.

Moffatt & Nichol, Maritime & Coastal Engineers, Prime Consultant

Project Manager: Jeff Shelden*

Project Principal: Jonathan Hird*

Maritime & Coastal Engineers: Stokka Brown, Maarten Kluijver, John Lesnik, Richard Dornhelm

West8, Landscape Architecture and Urban Design

Design Director: Adriaan Geuze

Project Director & Senior Landscape Architect: Claire Agre*

Design Staff: Erin Wythoff, Autumn Visconti, David Zielnicki, Jelle Therry, Kurt Marsh, Riette Bosch

LSU-CSS Louisiana State University Coastal Sustainability Studio, Human Settlement, Economics, and Ecosystem Design

Team Co-Leads: Jeff Carney*, Robert Twilley

LSU Faculty: Stephen Barnes, Rex Caffey, Forbes Lipschitz, Ursula Emery McClure, Kenny Rose, John White, Jim Wilkins,

Design Staff: Keith Maung-Douglas, Sheryl Fishel, Leanna Heffner, Elliot Manuel, Patrick Michaels, Erin Percevault, Emily Powell, Elizabeth Williams

Deltares, Riverine, Estuarine and Delta Engineers & Scientists

Team Lead / River Engineering & Morphology: Kees Sloff

Coastal Morphologist: Ad van der Spek, Dirk-Jan Walstra,

Water Resources Specialist: Karel Heynert

Ecologist: Mindert de Vries

RAND, Planning, Fisheries & Economics

Gary Cecchine

Ioannis Georgiou, Riverine, Estuarine and Delta Engineer

Headland & Associates, Coastal & Navigation Engineer

John Headland


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