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Image: Jim Klug

Changing Course is an initiative intended to catalyze landscape and River restoration while, through the design process, simultaneously ensuring the viability and sustainability of the communities and culture tied to this place.

At the heart of Changing Course is ensuring that human and economic issues are considered and balanced as a natural component of river and land-building design and interventions. Changing Course is not a new effort to repeat the myriad of stakeholder conversations to date. Instead our mission is to build off the knowledge gained in those efforts, especially the State Master Plan, to talk and problem solve about how proposed design solutions for the lower River can ensure the long term sustainability of the region.

Participating design teams bring a wealth of expertise to Changing Course; they are informed not only by the foundation of existing stakeholder input provided to previous restoration plans and studies, but also through new stakeholder input throughout the competition process and by the inclusion of key stakeholders on the teams themselves.

The competition brought together leaders of key sectors of Coastal Louisiana’s communities, industries and culture as well as important economic drivers who rely on the the Mississippi River have been invited to provide feedback. Their input has informed the teams as they lay a foundation for what is possible for the Delta landscape and those who rely upon it.

Stakeholder input serves to:

  • Ensure the participation of communities, constituencies, and citizens throughout the process;
  • Incorporate previous and existing stakeholder opinions and efforts on restoration efforts;
  • Navigate stakeholder interests and trade-offs and find common paths for advancement of a sustainable coast.

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