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Image: John Rae

Rapid land loss in Coastal Louisiana threatens the very existence of some of the nation’s most celebrated and unique places, cultures and richest ecosystems.

Wetlands play an important role, along with levees, floodwalls and spillways in providing “multiple lines of defense” in protecting communities and critical infrastructure.

The river is also critical to the Nation’s economy. Studies indicate that just a 14-day closure of the navigation channel and ports would lead to more than $411 million dollars in lost sales and earnings nationally, and thousands of lost jobs.

Without bold action, our nation could lose:


40% of the United States’ marshland

Wildlife habitat for hundreds of species, including endangered mammals and reptiles, commercially important seafood species, and migratory waterfowl.


Critical and extensive energy infrastructure

Louisiana is the number one producer of crude oil in the nation and the number two producer of natural gas.


Trade routes that connect America to the world

The Port of South Louisiana handles more tonnage than any other port in the world and economies throughout the U.S. are dependent on the delta to reach international markets.


Crucial fisheries

that produce 25% of American seafood


Jobs and ways of life

for approximately 2 million people living in or near the delta.

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